Our Team

Our team was developed by the inertia of time. Some of us bring the experience from the eighties and nineties when some of our art directors and strategists were playing video games and now we integrated the same group and our experience of over 30 years resulting in amazing ideas and strategies that blend perfectly with our clients’ ROI expectations, who need experience, dedication and technologies to sell products and services to a new generation of consumers who ethnically and culturally are the “modern buyer” including the U.S. Hispanic consumer who now is spending over 1 trillion dollars and the U.S. Baby Boomers who are key buyers for U.S. consumer goods companies to exotic destinations and accommodations in Latin America and Spain.

That’s the way we were and that’s the way we are.

Joseph Romero de Velasco, President & CEO Executive Creative Director
Raul Varela, Senior Creative Director
Will Morgan, Marketing Principal
Nancy Bellido, Director Media Relations
Richard Vandervoet, Strategic Planning & Communications
David Hopson, Creative Director
Robert C. Flores, Public Relations Director
Rafael Abdo, Community Affairs Director